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Roof Cleaning Services

We offer the best soft-wash roof cleaning option available.

We are now able to offer professional roof cleaning services carried out by our experienced and qualified operatives, from commencement to completion, working with you to clean your roof the way you prefer.

We make sure we know what is important to our customers and operate our services with care, reliability and high-level standards!

Specially Designed Blade Tools used on Roof Scrapes

Why get a Roof Clean?

Here are just some of the reasons that we can think of:

What do we Offer?

Our Packages are Bespoke but we are able to offer any of the following:

What do we Offer?

Our Packages are Bespoke but we are able to offer any of the following


Removing Moss & Debris with Specialist Tools

Roof Scrape & Bio Treatment

Roof Scrape & Soft Wash Application of long-lasting biocide. Not ‘Instant Visible Results’ but continues to work for several months.

Solar Panel Clean

Carefully Clean Panels and Frames to Improve Performance


Install Protection Around Solar Panels to Deter Birds & Rodents

What to expect:
Our operatives work in stages:

Stage 1:

Making sure the details of the job are clear, discussing our methods and the customer’s expectations.

Stage 2:

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

Stage 3:
Roof Clear/Scrape

Scraping off and removing moss growth and debris.

Stage 4:
Gutter Clear & Tidy Up

Clearing out gutters and downpipes is all part of the package. Taking away any debris and plant matter and disposing of it legally is essential; we have a waste carrier’s licence.

Stage 5:
Roof Treatment

Applying appropriate treatment coating to the roof, using soft brush methods. Post treatment, roofline, windows and doors are cleaned, ready to showcase our hard work!

Stage 6:
Stand back & Let the Biocide work it's Magic

Once applied, our Biocide works steadily over the coming months to stave off any algae and lichens. As per Manufacturer’s guidance notes, it will continue to prevent regrowth for up to five years.

Over a long term, this can be the most cost-effective cleaning solution for your roof.

Click Here to Read these Guidance Notes

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