Roof Cleaning Services

We offer the best soft-wash roof cleaning option available.

In 2020 The Gutter Clean Company added professional roof cleaning to it’s list of services.

There are many methods of roof cleaning, but some can be incredibly detrimental to the surface of the roof. Pressure washing has been known to remove the surface tiles protective coating, dislodge mortar, it will also find any weakness in an already ageing roof.

The method we use for cleaning roofs is safe and non-aggressive in nature. It will also continue to work on cleaning the roof for several months after the treatment.

So what is our roof cleaning method?

Soft wash roof and Biocide Treatment

Roof Scrape and Biocide Soft-Wash Method

Safe Access Equipment – We will always ensure that we use safe access equipment to gain the best access to your roof ready for cleaning, not working off ladders or walking along the roof. We will use a safe platform erected by personnel that are PASMA qualified.

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Scraping the Roof

Using specialists tools, we can scrape the roof safely from our access platform, we ensure that we use a roof scraping blade that is designed especially for the customers tile type.

The aim of this is not to remove every single trace of moss.


We only use the very best Biocide ensuring a quality finish. The Biocide we use will not produce ‘instant visible results’ but will start to work immediately, and then continue to work for several months afterwards.

This treatment will also prevent regrowth for up to 4 years.

The Finishing Touches

Gutter Clearance

All guttering will be emptied and all downpipes checked and cleared

Gutter, Fascia, Bargeboards & Soffits Cleaned

If we are taking care of your roof, we need to make sure the roofline looks the part too, this is all included within the package.

Window & Frame Cleaning

As above, cleaning all windows and frames afterwards is all part of the package.

Leaving the Site Nice & Tidy

How we leave your property is a reflection on us, and we won’t disappoint, all rubbish will be removed from site, and as we have a waste carriers licence, we will be doing this legally.

Post Treatment

After your initial roof clean, you may see some green staining re-appear after about 4 years. This can be easily managed with another Biocide treatment, but will not likely not need another roof scrape, meaning over a long term this can be the most cost effective cleaning solution for your roof.

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