Telescopic Pressure Lance 7.2 Metres

£199.00 +VAT

This is product is ideal for the following situations. Dirty fascia and guttering that needs a bit more pressure than a water fed brush and for stubborn grime that a brush cannot reach, it is also useful for gutter clearing should you have some stubborn debris, or a blocked downpipe and don’t fancy getting the ladder off the van! (We would recommend the U Bend attachment to use with this)


What’s Included:

  • 7.2 Meters Long, Fully Extended;
  • Four Section
  • Less Than 2 Meters Fully Retracted
  • They can be used with both Hot & Cold Pressure Washers.
  • Max 200 bar – 90C – 23 l/m
  • Comes complete with high pressure wash gun fitted
  • Manufactured in fibreglass & Aluminium for Lightness & Durability


  • Coupling on trigger gun is 3/8 quick release male.
  • Please make sure you have the correct coupling
  • Colours May Vary