Gutter Clean Pro80 3600w

£695.00£1,124.00 +VAT

The GutterClean Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum gets the job done with lots of power and a highly absorbent double wheel motor.
With its socket plug, this industrial vacuum cleaner can be used almost anywhere an electrical outlet is available. With the 8m-long power cable, it is capable of covering incredibly large areas, we also include a long 5 metre hose for even more efficiency over a larger area.

The Gutter Clean Pro vacuum cleaner is equipped with a large 80 litre stainless steel container, which is mechanically stable and also resistant to corrosion and dirt.

With its relatively low weight and large rubber wheels, the GutterClean Pro80 Domestic & Industrial Wet and Dry Gutter Cleaning Vacuum is easy for individuals to use.