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Gutter Clearing and Cleaning Services

We have a wide range of Gutter Cleaning Options available

At The Gutter Clean Company we feel we are different to most of our competitors as we take a flexible approach to every job.

What do we mean by this?

Well you may find some gutter cleaning companies are very rigid in the way that they will do the work, for example, some simply refuse to work off ladders, and some only use ladders, however, there are bound to be times when a ladder is more favourable over a vacuum and vice versa.

Our approach is flexible, and we will simply do what needs to be done to get the job completed to our customers satisfaction.

Additionally, all of our quotations include clearing any blocked downpipes that we may find, this is not something that is always able to be done with a vacuum, therefore, we have other means of unblocking the downpipes, either by hand or from the ground floor using additional professional equipment.

All of our company employed teams and approved contractors are fully insured, giving you additional peace of mind.

We also recommend an annual clean to ensure that the gutters are regularly maintained and kept clear, as overflowing gutters can lead to a whole host of problems for your property, including damp problems, mould problems and damage to fascias, soffits and brickwork.

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External Cleaning of Fascias, Soffit & Guttering...

One of our most popular add on to gutter clearing is washing down the fascias, soffits and guttering.

We do this safely from the ground floor using a water fed pole and brush, and some of the results we have achieved have been absolutely spectacular. It is worth pointing out that the visual results of this will vary, as the end result will depend on a number of factors, inc. discolouration of the plastic, paint marks, rust marks etc, age of pvc.

However, if we have any concerns we will normally point these out to you prior to us starting the work, to allow you to make an informed decision.

I have added some pictures below of some of the results we have achieved with our wash down service.