The Gutter Clean Company Covid-19 Policy

(Last updated 25/03/2020)

As a responsible service provider The Gutter Clean Company have put together the following policy in regards to carrying out gutter cleaning for the foreseeable future. This policy will remain in place until notified otherwise or replaced with an updated version.

This policy is in place to safeguard both our staff members, customers and also members of the public within the vicinity of where we are working. Please rest assured that all of our contractors will have signed an internal copy of this document which ensures they understand it, and will adhere to it at all times.

  1. Disposable gloves will be worn at all times from first arrival through to the final departure, additionally, where a payment transaction takes place, fresh gloves must be worn prior to taking payment.
  2. Contractors will practice safe distancing at all times and to remain a minimum of 2 metres away from the customer wherever possible.
  3. Customers will be asked prior to arrival to have the electrical socket location advised and already accessible where possible. If this needs to be agreed on the day, we will ensure safe distancing at all times.
  4. Preferred location of electrical socket points are listed in order of preference:-
    1. Outside Socket
    2. Garage
    3. Conservatory
    4. Another point in the house that can be accessed and applied keeping the minimum safe distancing policy in place.
  5. Contractors will only enter the customers in order to gain access to an electrical point, and will always ensure that clean disposable gloves are worn during this process.
  6. Customers will be offered and encouraged to use digital payment methods, which will involve either credit/debit card taken over the phone or BACS payments to head office. Any cash payments will need to be left on the doorstep in an unsealed envelope and counted by the contractor using our safe distancing rules (the company reserves the right to halt all cash payments at any given time)
  7. We will always aim to use anti-bacterial products/disinfectant on any areas that we touch, side gates, door handles, sockets etc…
  8. Teams of 2 or more people will be required to travel to the job in separate vehicles unless they live in the same household, this is to ensure that we are not contributing to the possible spread of the virus between households.
  9. Any proof of works taken on the camera and requested by the customer will need to be sent digitally.