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About Us

A Professional Gutter Clean Company with a Long Term Vision

The Gutter Clean Company was started by Jeremy Bligh with a long term vision in mind.

The vision started in 2014 when he realised that gutter cleaning machines which allowed you to clean the gutters safely from the ground floor without the constant use of ladders would not only be welcomed by domestic and commercial gutter cleaning customers but would also be welcomed by the very people doing this line of work.

After doing lots of research we realised that there was a niche for a company that could provide a perfect service for both companies and homeowners wanting there gutters cleaned but at the same time could fill another niche, by offering an incredibly bespoke business opportunity.

After positioning ourselves as a reliable and professional supplier of gutter cleaning machines, the next goal was to build the gutter cleaning business first within a 50 mile radius to prove the model worked and then to expand throughout the UK. My experience in actual gutter cleaning definitely helped us sell more machines, as it gave our potential clients peace of mind that we understood our equipment.

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